Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pithy Power Proverbs

The Wattage Google Group is an invaluable resource for information on training with power. In some cases, the posts can be quite lengthy, detailed, and informative. But every so often, someone will post some concise yet meaningful phrase and it "catches on". Recently, Alex Simmons started a thread that resurrects some of these pithy proverbs. I've copied the best of them here. Enjoy!

"It's an aerobic sport, dammit!" - Andy Coggan

"Training is testing, testing is training." - Andy Coggan

"The best predictor of performance is performance itself." - Andy Coggan

"The more you train, the more you can train." - Andy Coggan

"FTP = how fast you can go. CTL = how long you can go fast." - Rick Murphy

"The Anaerobic Threshold is neither." - unknown

"Hmmm." - Robert Chung :)

"Alls you can do is alls you can do." - Andy Coggan

"Cadence is a red herring." - Robert Chung

"If your on the bike and the wheels are turning, you're riding" - Andy Coggan

"Specificity, specificity, specificity . . ."-Andy Coggan

"Lydiard got it right"... -Andy Coggan

"All watts are not created equal." - Dave Harris

"The body responds like a swiss watch. You just have to figure out how to wind it." - Dave Harris

"Toss that HR monitor strap!" - Charles Howe

"Power calibrates PE (perceived exertion), PE modulates power." - Charles Howe

"It's all about the pedal force." - Tom Anhalt

"Training with a Power Meter, does it work? No, you work!" - Hunter Allen

"more is more ... until it isn't" - Rick Murphy

"The best thing about a power-meter? It tells you where you are. The worst thing about a power-meter? It tells you where you are" - Bob Tobin?

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Abraham Lincoln

"Fitness is an integral" - Rick Murphy

"For riders of every level, power is limited but speed is precious" - John E Cobb

"The less power you have the more gearing you need" - Steve Davidson

"In God we trust, all others bring data" - Ric Stern

"The plural of 'anecdote' is not 'data.'" - Andy Coggan

"(The) most successful riders spend the most time at zero cadence during races." - Andy Birko

"If it *feels* hard, it *is* hard" - Andy Coggan

"At some point, you have to increase the power" - Andy Coggan

"Train, don't strain" - Arthur Lydiard

"The PowerTap is a tool, not a bolt on motor :) " - Chris Mayhew

"The PM (Performance Manager) chart is a one picture summary of the truth, as useful and brutal as honesty can be." - Alex Simmons

"Wow, I need to train more!" - Frank Overton (after looking at his previous season's Performance Manager chart)

"!!!" - Hunter Allen

"There are no free watts." - unknown

"Pain is temporary, accomplishment is forever" - Hunter Allen

Crap training is crap training no matter how you record it. -- Alex Simmons

"The most important consideration when choosing a power meter is the quality of data. Everything else is a feature." - unknown

"What's important is how hard you ride rather than how you ride hard." - Alex Simmons

It is called "training stress score" and not "training performance score" for a reason. - Andy Coggan

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